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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your action needed now!

Dear Brenden,

The articles below cover every form of human trafficking, which happens across the United States. We need your help to raise awareness and take action against this crime in our communities. Please forward this email to five of your friends and ask them to help fight the issue.

Thanks for taking a stand,

Johanna Olivas
Online Communications Specialist

Human Trafficking in the News

7/16/2011    KTVA Alaska    Sex Trafficking of Native Women, Girls and Boys in Alaska Increasing   
During a Senate Committee on Indian Affairs meeting on Thursday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski questioned officials from the Department of Justice about the growing problem of Native youth exploited in the sex trade. But detectives with the Anchorage Police Department and social workers say that children of all races, ages, and backgrounds are potential targets.

7/21/2011    Monterey County Weekly    Undocumented women servicing field workers, streetwalkers in seedy motels, high-end flesh sold at high-end events: Sex sells in Monterey County.   
Sex trafficking victims follow paths of migrant agricultural workers and big events to ensure a steady stream of customers.    

7/19/2011    FOX 21 | Colorado Connection    Springs resident in trouble for prostitution    
A Colorado Springs resident and two others have been arrested on suspicion of bringing a teenage girl to Utah for prostitution.   

7/19/2011    Miami New Times Blogs    15-Year-Old Girl Abducted From Universal Studios, Forced Into Prostitution in Miami   
Ten people have been arrested and two others are wanted in a case involving the abduction of a 15-year-old girl from the Universal Studios area in Orlando who was then forced into prostitution in Miami. The girl had run away from a group home with a friend and, after meeting some men on a bus, was soon transported to Miami-Dade and forced to work as a prostitute.  

7/21/2011    Coeur d’Alene Press    Calling all travelers: help stop trafficking   
How to fight human trafficking in America: Know the signs, be aware of others, and report suspicions to the national hotline at 888.3737.888.          

7/21/2011    Wichita Eagle    Two men set for trial in teen trafficking case   
Two men were set for trial for sex trafficking a 15 year old girl in Kansas.

7/19/2011    PR Newswire    Demand Abolition: Prostitution is Not a Victimless Crime   
A groundbreaking report by a renowned prostitution researcher finds that Boston-area men who buy women for sex are far more likely than non-sex buyers to commit crimes related to violence against women, substance abuse, assaults, weapons, and crimes against authority. 

7/19/2011    Las Vegas Sun    Man gets 10 years to life for raping, forcing woman into prostitution   
A Las Vegas man who was found guilty of repeatedly raping and forcing a Canadian tourist to work as a prostitute for him in early January will be going to prison for at least the next 10 years — and possibly the rest of his life.   

7/20/2011    Daily Herald    Springville man charged with running prostitution ring    
When two teenage girls offered to do yard work at the Springville home of the elderly Kenneth Bond, they had no idea the budding relationship would end with them prostituting their bodies.   

7/20/2011    emigrate.co.uk    Olympics Likely to be Targeted by Human Traffickers   
As the 2012 Olympic Games draws near, Home Secretary Theresa May has said that she is worried about human traffickers targeting the games. She thinks that they are going to try and take advantage of a larger than usual number of visitors as a way to sneak people into the country. The idea is, by flooding the UK Border Agency, human traffickers will be able to sneak more people in.  

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