Rat race myths…

Others saw it differently. “Good riddance,” wrote Milo F. Bryant of the The Gazette in Colorado Springs. Bernie Lincicome of the Rocky Mountain News went further. “If Plummer is willing to run away from $5 million or so … his spirit is as weak as his arm.” Then Lincicome accused Plummer of “contradicting the soul of competition.” He wrote, “We can accept that in ourselves but not in our heroes.”

This is from the latest Sports Illustrated, an article about Jake Plummer. What caught my attention was the comment, “his spirit is as weak as his arm.” Really, is our spirit weak when we don’t chase after money? Sorry is my heart for the men who continually place money and careers above God, and their families. And for the record, Plummer had a winning record at the Broncos. Jesus is what determines the strength of my spirit.

Christ reigns!


About Working4theKingofKings
slave to Christ, husband to one, father of five, wanting Jesus first in your life.

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