Faith is daring your soul to believe what your eyes can’t see. Praising Jesus tonight!

     Praising Jesus for what could be one of the most awakening days of my life. You may not see the righteousness of a King when you look in the mirror, but you have it. Those who live in Christ are to share in His Glory and as I sat waiting for a monumental meeting this afternoon, I looked up to see this quote on the wall, “faith is daring your soul to believe what your eyes can’t see.” Thinking to myself in prayer I sat astonished at what Jesus has done to me in throughout this last year. As I pondered of my own faith and the blessings God has poured over me, actually, the blessings that He has poured over everyone around me as well, it hit me again, Grace, once more, different way, same Jesus, just Grace. Need we any other cure for this life we hold on Earth? Need we any medicine or program or counsel with degree to truly enlighten our path? None. None and nothing are worthy to compare to the grace God has given us upon the deliverance of Jesus Christ down to our level. Can you honestly imagine how absolutely disgraced Jesus must have felt when the Father told Him to come here? “To them? Are you serious?” “How many do you think will even realize this gift?” Instead, He said nothing, but that the Will of His Father may be done in Him. The Will of the Father is your path to gold streets. A city so bright there will be never a need for lamps or the sunshine. Glory so radiant that multitudes of heavenly hosts will be singing, praising, making a triumphant noise all of forever for Him.
   I cannot say what tomorrow will bring. I have no idea if this “meeting” will turn into what I feel that it is. Yet I don’t need to speak of tomorrow, or question, in any way, the Will of my Father. I know, in faith, that if God was able to come down to my level, to love and save me then, that His Will surely, surely will love and save me tomorrow. Put on your armor. You have a Kingdom to fight for that is very, very glorious. Be awakened now by the greatness and glory of God. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

About Working4theKingofKings
slave to Christ, husband to one, father of five, wanting Jesus first in your life.

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